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I thought I would past this here from my own journal for anyone who maybe
interested :-)

I am not really a great SciFi movie fan unless it is something realistic, Star Wars, Star Trek and the like just don`t really interest me but certain movie`s do and I guess one of the first SciFi movie`s I loved was the 1977 movie Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
I went to the cinema back then to see this movie and I thought it was a fantastic movie, but so many movie`s have come and gone over the years since that one by Steven Spielberg, and his latest mini series Taken which has been showing here on British TV these last few months has really taken me aback,
I have been downloading the series on Kazaa the last few weeks now as I have missed many from the beginning and would love to watch the whole series from start to finish, I have one last part downloading and then I will have the complete series which I will be making a CD`r DvD copy, I have been really engrossed in this series since I started to watch it, it`s been one of the best I have watched in quite a few years, and there are many interesting site`s I have found about it too, just clicking on link`s from the main site "Taken" there are several interesting link`s about how the series came about etc.

Last night was the last and final episode of the series as my TV guide described it "Sci-fi drama series from Steven Spielberg. In the final episode, Allie learns her true destiny and together the family must make the most difficult decision of their lives" it was compelling, even brought a tear to my eye, and I have to say that Allie aka Dakota Fanning it sure to be one of the great stars of future films, her acting career started when she was only 5 years old and at the ripe old age of now 9 she is already at the top in my view, I think she is a great little actress and there are several site`s I have come across with interesting fact`s and titbits about her.
She found her fame I guess in the movie "I Am Sam" with Sean Penn,

Meet Sean Penn's New "Daughter"! Thursday, December 20, 2001

When Dakota Fanning learned she'd be playing Sean Penn's daughter in I Am Sam — opening Dec. 28 — she reacted like any seven-year-old would. "We had such a small apartment that there wasn't anywhere to run around," she recalls, "so I jumped up and down on the bed! And then I called my grandmother."

If Fanning keeps snapping up plum parts — she just wrapped Kevin Bacon's 24 Hours and is now shooting Sweet Home Alabama with Reese Witherspoon — the tyke will need a good long-distance plan! Of course, her thespian ambitions are no surprise to Granny. "I've been a ballerina since I was two," she smiles, "but I've always wanted to be an actress." Sometimes, though, she's taken her make-believe games to dramatic extremes! "I would go through 'childbirth' all the time," she says. "I'd put a pillow up my shirt and pretend that I'm pregnant."

Yikes! Fortunately for her, Mommy opted to take little Dakota to see a talent agent rather than a child psychiatrist. That wise judgment call paid off: The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) has just nominated Fanning — along with A.I.'s Haley Joel Osment and Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe — for best child performer.

She's taking her early success in stride, however, and is far more impressed by her newfound Penn pal. "[Sean] is very, very nice to me," she enthuses. "He took me to the Santa Monica Pier and lunch at The Ivy." While dining at the posh L.A. eatery, by the by, Fanning wasn't too shy to hit Penn up for a little career advice. "I wanted to be a cheerleader and a Brownie," she says of her past ambitions, "but when I grow up, I'd probably like to be a director." — Adrianne Stone with Daniel R. Coleridge.

There is also another interview Here on and another here at Los Angeles Arts and Entertainment Magazine also this site is dedicated to her and has many movie clips and interviews Dakota-Fanning.Org

I was so captivated by this series and do hope they go on to make a follow on series to this one, I would be glued to the screen for sure if they do, and if anyone else has watched the series and would like to comment then please do feel free to E-mail I am always glad to find out how other people enjoyed the series and learn of any new links to interesting fact`s about it.
Well guess I have ranted on long enough for this session so think its time for me to get myself a refill of tea and read up on some of the latest news and events online, hope everyone is having a great weekend :-)
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